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Pre-application for NIH-Industry Pilot Program: Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (X02)

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 9:12am

Information for Applicants submitting a proposal in response to NIH PAR-12-203: A Pre-application for the NIH-Industry Pilot Program:  Discovering New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (X02) http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-12-203.html

This pre-application sponsored by the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) calls for the inclusion of unique Letters of Support (LOS)- see Additional Instructions for X02 Applicants in the RFA.   Researchers submitting a pre-application are encouraged to contact the UW Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS,www.iths.org). The ITHS is a member of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award consortium funded by NCATS and is dedicated to advancing translational research. ITHS will outline available resources and services which support this RFA for both adult and pediatric patients as well as provide a LOS. To request an ITHS LOS for this RFA or for any information, please contact Beth Hacker at ithsnav@uw.edu.  In addition, applicants should include a LOS from an appropriate institutional official, generally a dean, documenting institutional commitment to the project including the provision of resources, space, and available faculty.  This FOA does not require cost sharing as defined in the NIH Grants Policy Statement. The UW OSP will provide a LOS certifying the Institution’s willingness to engage in the necessary negotiations with the pharmaceutical company regarding the terms and conditions of the template CDA and CRA developed specifically for this RFA, for the selected Agent.  Full applications will be invited upon meritorious review of the pre-application.  Full applications will be developed under the limited competition RFA-TR-12-004 (UH2/UH3) or RFA-TR-12-005 (UH3).  The ITHS will work with applicants invited to submit a full application to develop an adequate budget for any ITHS services that will support project activities. The pre-application, submitted via Grants.gov is due August 14, 2012.  For additional information about the RFA or routing a pre-application eGC1 please contact your OSP Administrator.






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