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NIH Common Fund Announces 2013 Funding Opportunity

Posted on July 20, 2012 at 1:47pm

From: Peprah, Emmanuel (NIH/OD) [C] [mailto:peprahek@od.nih.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:57 AM
Subject: 2013 NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards


Dear Official Institutional Representatives and Department Chairs,


The National Institutes of Health Common Fund announces the 2013 funding opportunity for the NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards (EIA) (RFA RM-12-018).  The EIA initiative allows exceptional junior scientists to accelerate their transition to an independent research career by “skipping” the traditional postdoctoral training. By hosting these talented junior investigators, institutions will be able to invigorate their own research enterprises through the investigators’ fresh perspectives. Each institution (as defined by a unique DUNS identifier) may submit only up to two applications in response to this funding opportunity announcement.


To facilitate the “matching” that must occur for a prospective candidate to find a suitable host institution, the NIH Common Fund has created a matching portal website (EIA matching portal). Through this website, institutions will be able to broadly announce interest in hosting EIA investigators and to provide pertinent information to prospective candidates. We encourage institutions to advertise on the portal as soon a possible. Early posting of information will provide sufficient time for a large pool of prospective candidates to submit supporting information, for the institution to choose up to two candidates, and for these candidates and the institution to prepare a compelling application to NIH. Letters of intent to NIH are due Dec. 30, 2012 and applications are due Jan. 30, 2013.


To find out more information about the NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards (EIA), please visit the Common Fund EIA website (EIA website). Instructions on how to submit information to the matching portal are available at the EIA matching portal (EIA matching portal). In addition the NIH Common Fund plans to host an afternoon webinar during the first week of September 2012 (exact date to be date announced). This webinar will have presentations from NIH staff leading the program, current awardees, and mentors. After the presentations, a question and answer session will allow the webinar audience to interact with presenters via email questions. Please forward this email to others that might be interested in the EIA.



Best regards,


The Office of Strategic Coordination

Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives

Office of the NIH Director




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