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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Advance Budget Number

The Principal Investigator of a contract, grant or other agreement may request authorization to spend a limited amount of money during a specified period on an Advance Budget Number prior to the receipt of an executed award from the Sponsor.

Eligibility Tool

Need to know if your eGC1 can be made eligible for an Advance Budget Number? Our tool can help!

Advance Budget Number Eligibility Tool

Receiving a browser error message for the Advance Budget Number Eligibility Tool? Click for the FAQ to learn how adjusting your Internet Explorer compatibility settings might correct this. Still receiving a browser error message? Email oris@uw.edu for more assistance.

Why is my eGC1 marked as ineligible for an Advance Budget Number?

One or more of the following may be true:

  • OSP has not yet approved the eGC1
  • The Sponsor has not granted pre-award spending authority (most contracts and non-federal awards) and the department has not provided an alternate budget number to which charges would be placed should the sponsor not reimburse costs incurred outside pre-award spending authority.
  • The anticipated award is a federal contract of $100,000 or more, or a subcontract awarding federal contract funding of $3000 or more and personnel to be charged have not been verified against the E-verify system.
  • Human subjects research expenditures will be charged, and IRB approval or Exempt Status determination has not been obtained.
  • Animal use research expenditures will be charged, and IACUC approval has not been obtained.
  • OSP has already prepared a funding action (FA) for the award and has sent it to GCA for processing.

Can I have the block from Advance Budget Number eligibility removed from my eGC1?

To learn more about the requirements to obtain an Advance Budget Number, please consult our Advance Budget Number Eligibility Primer.

An eGC1 is automatically ineligible to receive an advance budget number unless OSP made it eligible when the eGC1 was approved. To request that your eGC1 now be made eligible, use the Advance Budget Number Eligibility Tool