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Conditional Approval

The UW IRB grants Conditional Approval to research activities if, given (1) the scope and nature of the conditions and (2) the assumption that the conditions will be satisfied, the IRB is able to make all of the determinations required for approval under the appropriate federal and state regulations.  Conditional Approval may be granted to new applications, modifications, status reports, adverse event reports, and problem reports.

No research activities involving human subjects may begin until the researcher has responded to the conditions and has received notification that the IRB has verified that its conditions have been fulfilled.  The UW IRB imposes a time deadline for fulfilling the conditions.  If the time deadline is not met, the application/form associated with the conditions will be administratively closed.

Change Notes

  • Noted 08/22/2011 @ 03:50pm
    Change to Conditional Approval policy.
    - sherrye

Related Questions And Answers

  • How long is approval valid?

    Approval is generally valid for one year from the date of Committee approval.