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When and How Can a Study Be Closed

Closing an IRB Application (Paper Process)

If all research-related activities with human subjects have been completed, and all data collection and analysis of identifiable private information described in the IRB-approved research plan have been finished, then the human subjects aspect of the research study has been completed.

When a human subjects research study has been completed, investigators are no longer required to obtain continuing review and approval of that study by the IRB. UW researchers should submit a Status Report Form and select CLOSE IRB Application on the first page of the form under Submission Reason.

Once an application has been closed investigators should keep the data they collected, including identifiable private data, as consistent with the IRB-approved research plan. If the data have been de-identified, use of the data for analysis and publication may continue after the application has been closed. However, if the data have not been de-identified, the data may not be used after the application has been closed.

Investigators should continue to honor any confidentiality protections of the data, as well as any other commitments that were agreed to as part of the approved research (e.g., providing information about the study results to research subjects, or honoring commitments for compensation for research participation.


Closing an IRB Application (Zipline)

While the reasons for closing your IRB application remain the same as outlined above, the process of closing your IRB application in Zipline is slightly different. Instructions will be coming soon.


To close a Delayed Onset Human Research (DOHR) determination, use the Delayed Onset Human Research Determination Form. See the DOHR web page for more information.


UW Records Retention

Keep in mind that there are specific record retention schedules for research materials that might apply. See the UW Records Management web site for more information.

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