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UW students who conduct research with human subjects must meet the same requirements as faculty and other researchers who are affiliated with the University of Washington. If the research is intended to contribute to a masters thesis or dissertation, or otherwise meets the definition of research with human subjects, the student must submit the appropriate application to and receive approval from the IRB before research activities may begin.

UW students are often invited to participate in research that involves human subjects. Though participation in research is always voluntary, it may be a requirement in some programs or courses. In such cases, or in specific types of research (e.g.,when the focus of the research is students' academic involvement and/or performance), the IRB review may involve additional requirements or precautions to protect students from coercion or undue influence, and to ensure privacy and confidentiality. The University of Washington IRBs adhere to federal regulations, state law, and UW policies to ensure that students are adequately and appropriately protected when involved in research as subjects.

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