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Human Subjects Division (HSD)


HIPAA and Research

The UW Institutional Review Board (IRB) has the authority to:

  • Approve the use of PHI in research.
  • Approve a waiver or an alteration of the Authorization requirement.

The UW Medicine Compliance Office oversees the UW’s overall compliance with HIPAA, including HIPAA training.

When researchers will use identifiable PHI in their research, they need to either:

  1. Obtain Authorization:
    Use the HIPAA Authorization Template, to create a HIPAA Authorization form that subjects sign to give the researcher permission to obtain and use their protected health information (PHI) for research purposes; or,
  2. Request a Waiver of Authorization:
    Use the Waiver Request: HIPAA Authorization form to request that the IRB grant a waiver of the HIPAA authorization requirement. Researchers complete this form to request permission to access, obtain, use or disclose a research subject’s protected health information (PHI) for research purposes without obtaining the subject’s specific authorization.