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Human Subjects Division (HSD)



The HSD Roving Administrator facilitates the initial and results registrations with ClinicalTrials.gov for UW researchers.

UW researchers are responsible for registering their trials and should use the web based data entry system called the Protocol Registration System (PRS).

Access to the PRS system is at: https://register.clinicaltrials.gov/, but requires a user name and password. Please contact HSD's Roving Administrator if you need a new account in PRS, forgot your current user name or password, need to transfer your study from one owner to another, or have any other questions.

HSD has a variety of policies, procedures, and guidance arranged into short, topic-specific documents.  Please see "Related Documents" on this page.

Change Notes

  • Noted 11/12/2013 @ 09:24am
    Updated HSD contact person to Roving Administrator.
    - sherrye
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    Keyword newly added.
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