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Last Updated 12/01/2016
Version 5.50
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PAPER APPLICATION: Continuing Review (Status Report), Renew or Close


The Continuing Review Application is used to renew IRB applications, or close IRB applications.

This document is for use with paper-based applications only. Do not use with Zipline. HSD accepts versions from 3/27/2015 on.

Change Notes

  • Related to Ver. 5.50, noted 12/01/2016 @ 06:18pm
    Added question A.3. for those who anticipate their study will close before needing to convert to Zipline.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 5.30, noted 03/27/2015 @ 09:54am
    Updates to help identify federal support.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 5.20, noted 02/27/2015 @ 08:57am
    Clarification in instructions on what version of consent form should be submitted at time of continuing review.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 5.10, noted 06/30/2014 @ 01:04pm
    Removed the Modification table.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 5.00, noted 05/30/2014 @ 09:38am
    Added clarifying yes/no check boxes to question D.4., added clarifying check boxes to funding section F, removed confusing directional under FCOI question.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.10, noted 05/12/2014 @ 10:32am
    Clarification on DSMBs
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.90, noted 03/28/2014 @ 10:44am
    Updated the table and instructions for C.3. for clarity on what items need to be listed.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.80, noted 02/28/2014 @ 09:44am
    Revised Problmes section. Updated Renew and Close section choices to be in line with new SOP.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.70, noted 01/31/2014 @ 10:31am
    Removed training section on form. Please use this version going forward.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.60, noted 10/19/2013 @ 04:38pm
    Updated name to new naming convention on website.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.60, noted 08/30/2013 @ 09:09am
    Moved question on risk/benefit change to study progress section, added link to closure guidance. Use this version going forward.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.50, noted 08/09/2013 @ 10:27am
    Updated HSD information box. Please use latest version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.40, noted 05/31/2013 @ 09:30am
    Changed manuscripts to published papers in attachments to clarify the exact type of documents the IRB needs to see. Also added mailing address instructions. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.30, noted 04/26/2013 @ 12:42pm
    Updated page that references the location of the form instructions and definitions. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.20, noted 01/25/2013 @ 09:27am
    Updated FCOI language. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.10, noted 12/28/2012 @ 09:43am
    Updated to reflect change that we require only a notation of how frequently a sponsor may require training refreshers, rather than full documentation. Okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 4.00, noted 05/25/2012 @ 08:51am
    New questions added for subject numbers. Do not use older versions of this form. HSD will not accept older versions after July 1, 2012.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.30, noted 01/27/2012 @ 09:06am
    Updated signature policy, okay to use previous version.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.20, noted 11/30/2011 @ 03:43pm
    Revised subject number table. Newest version should be used.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.10, noted 07/29/2011 @ 01:15pm
    Removed Approval in Principle check box.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 3.00, noted 05/27/2011 @ 09:16am
    Addition of double-sided instructions, updated training requirements, removal of ARRA funding section.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.60, noted 04/06/2011 @ 11:24am
    Removed instructions regarding the use of the significantly revised HIPAA form. No HIPAA form in circulation should have a date older than 11/09.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.50, noted 03/18/2011 @ 10:36am
    Corrected footer dates, added question on change in funding dates.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.40, noted 01/28/2011 @ 09:06am
    Box added for Modification reporting.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.30, noted 11/08/2010 @ 12:17pm
    Update to wording of section E regarding Significant Financial Interest.
    - sherrye
  • Related to Ver. 2.20, noted 09/20/2010 @ 12:53pm
    Updated document links.
    - sherrye