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Last Updated 05/31/2016
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PAPER SUPPLEMENT: Genetic Research


Use this supplement when you are submitting (1) an Initial Application for research that involves genetics or (2) a Modification Application for genetics research procedures that have not already received IRB approval. This supplement is not intended for use with gene transfer or gene therapy research.

Genetic research is defined as research involving the analysis of any of the following: DNA; RNA; chromosomes; mitochondria; any or all parts of the human genome; or biomarkers such as proteins or metabolites which may be implicated in, associated with, or cosegregated with a disorder, syndrome, condition, or predisposition to disease or behavior. Usually genetic research involves the collection and/or use of human biological specimens such as blood, skin, or other tissues, nail clippings, or hair. Genetic research may also include the construction of pedigrees ("maps" of the distribution of a particular trait or condition among related individuals) or family medical histories.

This document is for use with paper-based applications only. Do not use with Zipline. HSD accepts versions from 3/27/2015 on.

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