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Grant Life Cycle

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Final Reports: Technical

    In order to satisfy a condition of the award, the Principal Investigator must furnish the Sponsor with the final technical report. Final progress or the final technical report is considered to be most useful in evaluating the research support by the funding agencies. Be sure to check your award document for reporting requirements.

    Generally, the technical report is forwarded to the awarding unit and includes the following information:

    1. COMPLETE HEADING: List the identifying grant number, the Principal Investigator, Grantee Institute, Project Title, and dates of the entire period of the grant (including any authorized extension of the final budget period).
    2. STATEMENT OF PROGRESS made toward the achievement of the stated aims. List the results, positive or negative, direct or indirect, considered significant by the Investigator. When possible, these should be keyed to proper reference in 3.
      (a) have already appeared in print and which took origin from the grant;
      (b) are now in press
      (c) are contemplated as a result of this grant.
      Please forward one copy of all reprints not previously submitted, when available.
    4. NSF: The annual and final technical reports MUST be prepared and submitted to NSF via FastLane program. For password assignment to access NSF FastLane, contact a Grant & Contract Coordinator at extension 3-4043 or email to
    5. Depart of Defense (DoD): Besides the technical report itself as described, DoD requires the completion of the report SF 298 form.

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