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Researcher's Guide

Grant Life Cycle

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Project Start-Up
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Budget Setup

    Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) negotiates specifics of grant/contract awards with sponsors on behalf of the University. When the agreement is finalized, OSP prepares a Notice to Establish Account (NEA) & sends it to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA). GCA assigns a new budget number to the grant/contract award upon receipt of the NEA. GCA enters all information pertinent to the award into the University Financial Accounting System (FAS). This allows Principal Investigator (PI) or authorized staff to buy goods and services to accomplish the project specified in the award. See also GIM 34 - Guidelines for Classification of Gifts, Grants, and Contracts for assistance in determining whether an award is a grant, contract or gift.

  • New Account Setup--GCA Assigns Budget Number and Sets Up Budgets
  • Set Up Sub-Budgets