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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)—also known as the Stimulus Package or Recovery Act


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On February 17th, 2009 President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) or Stimulus Package to restart the economy. The package contains extensive funding for science, engineering research and infrastructure, and more limited funding for education, social sciences and the arts.

OMB Memorandums and Links (click to view)
OMB Circular A-21 Cost Principles for Educational Institutions
OMB Circular A-110 Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and Other Non-Profit Organizations
OMB Circular A-133 Audits of States, Local Governments & Non-Profit Organizations
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-10-17 May 4, 2010
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-10-14 March 22,2010
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-10-08 December 18, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-10-05 November 30, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-10-03 October 13, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-09-30 September 11,2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-09-21 June 22, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-09-18 May 11, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-09-15 April 3, 2009
OMB ARRA Memorandum M-09-10 February 18, 2009
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