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New Scholar Award in Aging 2013

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New Scholar awards provide support for newly independent investigators beginning in the first 3 years after their postdoctoral training, when they are establishing their own labs and their careers are at a vulnerable stage. These awards contribute to a safety net that allows bright young scientists to staff their laboratories, collect preliminary data, and organize research programs of sufficient momentum to obtain ongoing support from other sources. New Scholar awards provide funding up to $100,000 per year for a four year period.

New Scholar candidates are investigators who are nominated by U.S. medical institutions and universities for their outstanding promise in aging research. Invited institutions may nominate two candidates. Prospective candidates are encouraged to consult this website for more information about the goals and objectives of the Aging Program and eligibility requirements under Application Procedures. Depending upon the number of nominations submitted and the qualifications of the nominees, up to 25 scholars will be selected.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Structural biology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Studies with model systems ranging from lower eukaryotes to humans
  • Inquiries testing the relevance of simpler models to human aging
  • Genetic epidemiology of aging; candidate longevity genes
  • Aging in the immune system
  • Host defense molecules in aging systems
  • Mechanisms of free radical induced cell aging
  • Mechanisms of aging in various differentiated cell populations
  • Gene/environment and gene/gene interactions
  • Integrative physiology
  • New approaches to age-modulated disease mechanisms

Eligibility Requirements

These awards are intended for investigators who are in the first three (3) years of their research careers following their post-doctoral fellowship experience. For the 2012 competition, nominees must hold regular full time appointments (tenure or non-tenure) on the faculty of the sponsoring institution by March 1, 2012; and they must have been in such an appointment, whether at the sponsoring institution or other institution(s), for no more than three years as of July 15, 2012, i.e. the first appointment having been made no earlier than July 15, 2009. Time spent in clinical internships, post-doctoral training, residencies, or in work toward board certification does not count as part of the three-year limit.

Application Instructions

We can nominate up to two candidates to apply for the Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholar Award in Aging 2013. An eligible candidate would be a new independent investigator of outstanding promise in basic biomedical research relevant to aging. The award is intended to provide new faculty with support during the especially critical first three years of their independent research career. Each award will be made for up for $100,000 per year, total costs, for a four-year period.


Please send the following materials to before 5:00PM Wednesday, November 21, 2012:

  1. a brief summary of the proposal (1 page)
  2. description of nominee's most significant contribution (1 page)
  3. description of proposed research (no to exceed 4 pages)
  4. budget for one year
  5. CV (2 pages)
  6. letter of support from the department chair


The review committee will pick the top two nominations and prepare the nominator's information to the foundation by their due date of February 28, 2013.

Other open limited submissions opportunities, as well as the internal proposal review committee review and selection process outline are here: Please feel free to email us at with questions or information on any limited submission opportunities that should be but are not already listed on that page.

Opportunity Details

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11/21/2012 UW Internal Deadline Closed
02/21/2013 OSP Deadline
02/28/2013 Sponsor Deadline

Ellison Medical Foundation

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Maximum Number of Applications


Eligible groups
  • All campus

Inquiries and Contact Information

Investigators who identify a grant, award or fellowship program that restricts the number of applications that can be submitted from an Institution should immediately contact their Chairperson, Associate Dean for Research (or Dean, if no ADR) and the Office of Research (see below) if they intend to prepare a response. Failure to do so, or to meet the deadlines for submission of pre-proposal, will preclude submission of the application through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For general inquiries, or to request a listing of a limited submission opportunity that should be but is not already listed, please email us at