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National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program

The NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program is designed to encourage the development of bold, new, potentially transformative, and scalable models for STEM graduate training that ensure that graduate students develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to pursue a range of STEM careers. The NRT program initially has one priority research theme - Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (DESE); in addition, proposals are encouraged on any other crosscutting, interdisciplinary theme. In either case, proposals should identify the alignment of project research themes with national research priorities and the need for innovative approaches to train graduate students in those areas. NRT projects should develop evidence-based, sustainable approaches and practices that substantially improve STEM graduate education for NRT trainees and for STEM graduate students broadly at an institution. NRT emphasizes the development of competencies for both research and research-related careers. Strategic collaborations with the private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, museums, and academic partners that enhance research quality and impacts and that facilitate development of technical and transferrable professional skills are encouraged. Creation of sustainable programmatic capacity at institutions is an expected outcome. Proposals accordingly are expected to describe how institutions will support the continuation and institutional-level scaling of effective training elements after award closure.

Application Instructions

Please submit:


  1. A two-page letter of intent that includes:
    • The name and departmental affiliation of the Principal Investigator (PI);
    • The name(s) and departmental affiliation(s) of the Co-PI(s);
    • Other participating institution(s);
    • Project title: The title should begin with “NRT-DESE:” for projects with a Data-Enabled Science and Engineering theme, or with “NRT:” for projects on a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary theme other than DESE;
    • Synopsis : Provide a brief summary of the vision and goals of the proposed training program including a brief description of the interdisciplinary theme, the main training elements, and the plan to extend training benefits beyond NRT trainees to a greater population of STEM graduate students on campus; and
    • Keywords: Up to four keywords that specify the disciplines encompassed by the project’s interdisciplinary research theme.
  1. CVs of Pis and Co-Pis. 



to by 5:00 PM Thursday, May 1, 2014. No letter from Chair required. An optional letter of intent is due to the sponsor 5/20/14. Full proposals are due to the sponsor on 6/24/14, so you will need to have your materials in to the Office of Sponsored Programs by 6/17/14 for processing, if given the go ahead by the Proposal Review Committee. 

Opportunity Details

Program web page

Program Announcement No.

NSF 14-548

05/01/2014 UW Internal Deadline Closed
06/17/2014 OSP Deadline
06/24/2014 Sponsor Deadline

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Funding amount


Maximum Number of Applications


Eligible groups
  • All campus

Inquiries and Contact Information

Investigators who identify a grant, award or fellowship program that restricts the number of applications that can be submitted from an Institution should immediately contact their Chairperson, Associate Dean for Research (or Dean, if no ADR) and the Office of Research (see below) if they intend to prepare a response. Failure to do so, or to meet the deadlines for submission of pre-proposal, will preclude submission of the application through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For general inquiries, or to request a listing of a limited submission opportunity that should be but is not already listed, please email us at