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Shared Instrumentation Grant Program (S10)

The ORIP Shared Instrument Grant (SIG) program encourages applications from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase or upgrade a single item of expensive, specialized, commercially available instrumentation or an integrated system that costs at least $100,000. The maximum award is $600,000. Types of instruments supported include, but are not limited to, confocal and electron microscopes, biomedical imagers, mass spectrometers, DNA sequencers, biosensors, cell-sorters, X-ray diffraction systems, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers among others.

Application Instructions

An internal application process is required in order to verify that each equipment request from our institution is unique. Faculty who intend to submit an equipment request, must email the following information:

- PI Name
- Instrument requested
- Total direct costs
- Short justification of what the instrument will be used for

- A list of potential users


to (for School of Medicine applicants) or (for non-School of Medicine applicants) by 5:00 PM Thursday, February 27, 2014.


Full proposals are due to the sponsor on 3/21/14, so you will need to have your materials in to the Office of Sponsored Programs by 3/14/14 for processing, if given the go ahead by the Proposal Review Committee.

Opportunity Details

Program web page

Program Announcement No.


02/27/2014 UW Internal Deadline Closed
03/14/2014 OSP Deadline
03/21/2014 Sponsor Deadline

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Funding amount


Eligible groups
  • All campus

Inquiries and Contact Information

Investigators who identify a grant, award or fellowship program that restricts the number of applications that can be submitted from an Institution should immediately contact their Chairperson, Associate Dean for Research (or Dean, if no ADR) and the Office of Research (see below) if they intend to prepare a response. Failure to do so, or to meet the deadlines for submission of pre-proposal, will preclude submission of the application through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For general inquiries, or to request a listing of a limited submission opportunity that should be but is not already listed, please email us at