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Science and Engineering and Medical Research Programs 2014

The W.M. Keck Foundation's Science & Engineering Research Program seeks to benefit humanity by supporting high-risk/high-impact projects that are distinctive and novel in their approach to intractable problems, push the edge of their field, or question the prevailing paradigm. Past grants have been awarded to major universities and independent research institutions to support pioneering science and engineering research and the development of promising new technologies.


The Medical Research Program seeks to advance the frontiers of the life sciences by supporting basic research that is high-risk and has the potential to transform its field. Successful projects are distinctive and novel in their approach to problems, push the edge of their field or question the prevailing paradigm. Past grants have been awarded to major universities, medical schools and independent research institutions to support pioneering biological research, including the development of promising new technologies, instrumentation or methodologies.


Programmatic criteria:

  • Focus on emerging areas of research at the forefront of science and engineering.
  • Have the potential to lead to breakthrough technologies.
  • Are innovative, distinctive and interdisciplinary.
  • Demonstrate a high level of risk in that the research pushes the edge of its field, represents unconventional approaches to intransigent problems, or challenges the prevailing paradigm.
  • Have the potential for transformative impact, such as creation of a new field of research, development of new instrumentation enabling observations not previously possible, or discovery of new knowledge that challenges prevailing perspectives.
  • Fall outside the mission of public funding agencies.
  • Demonstrate that private philanthropy generally, and the W.M. Keck Foundation in particular, is essential to the project's success.
  • The Keck Foundation does not have a history of funding translational research 


Grant abstracts for research projects funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation can be found here:

Application Instructions

Please submit a one-page narrative with a list of all anticipated investigators, description of proposed aims and approach, Biosketch of the PI, to by 5:00 PM Thursday, January 30, 2014.  Phase 1 applications are due to the sponsor on 5/1/14, so you will need to have your materials in to the Office of Sponsored Programs by 4/24/14 for processing, if given the go ahead by the Proposal Review Committee.

Opportunity Details

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01/30/2014 UW Internal Deadline Closed
04/24/2014 OSP Deadline
05/01/2014 Sponsor Deadline

W. M. Keck Foundation

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Eligible groups
  • All campus

Inquiries and Contact Information

Investigators who identify a grant, award or fellowship program that restricts the number of applications that can be submitted from an Institution should immediately contact their Chairperson, Associate Dean for Research (or Dean, if no ADR) and the Office of Research (see below) if they intend to prepare a response. Failure to do so, or to meet the deadlines for submission of pre-proposal, will preclude submission of the application through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

For general inquiries, or to request a listing of a limited submission opportunity that should be but is not already listed, please email us at