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Cost Share Addendum


Use this form to:

1) Record a cost share commitment.

2) Change cost share on an existing project.

Complete this form in as much detail as possible at the time of award.

  • Get approvals from the units providing the cost share (keep these in your Award File).
  • Submit to the correct office designated below and send a copy to the unit paying for the cost sharing.
  • GCA will enter the commitment data into the eFECS Cost Share Module (CSM) which will provide the ability to reconcile the actual cost share performed with the commitment.

Insert/delete rows to form as necessary to input all committed cost sharing.

Note: When direct cost is paid by cost share monies, the associated F&A is also considered cost share.

Review more instructions for completing the cost share addendum.

Submitting form:
Based on when and why this form is completed will determine where it should be sent.

At the time of award Email to your OSP Reviewer
During the project, new cost share, increase or shift in cost share Attach in GrantTracker
During the project, reduce or remove cost share Email to your OSP reviewer

Review more information on:
Cost share in budget preparation.
Cost Share at award set up.
Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA): Cost Share Process Overview.