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Thomas G. Thompson Research Vessel

Thomas G. Thompson Research Vessel
The RV Thomas G. Thompson is a 274-foot, state-of-the-art, ocean-going research vessel, commissioned in 1991. The ship is intended for use in sponsored oceanographic research projects by investigators from institutions around the country and can accommodate 36 scientists during cruises, which typically last 40-50 days, with an endurance of 12,000 miles and 60 days.
Moored at the School of Oceanography Pier, on Portage Bay.
Capt. Daniel Schwartz, Manager of Marine Operations, School of Oceanography. Telephone: 206-543-5062, Fax: 206-543-6073. E-mail:
Multi-purpose research vessel with flexible facilities for multi-discipline oceanographic and atmospheric studies.
The scientific research and instrumentation suite is frequently enhanced and updated. For the latest information, please see the University's School of Oceanography Website:
Facilities for researchers and crew.
The Office of Naval Research.
Research grants and general operating funds.
Recent Usage
Research: Currently out of port 275-315 days/year (the maximum) on research cruises. Instruction: 45 days per year are allocated for graduate and undergraduate instruction. Non-UW: Consortium use, scheduled through the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS), a consortium supported by NSF, ONR and other Federal Agencies. Private use is possible but with lower priority than sponsored university research and additional insurance is required.
Usage Fee
Day rate is negotiated between NSF and institutions.
Launched 1991--regularly inspected, refitted and updated as per regulatory requirements of Navy Insurv, U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping.
Voice phone, 011-872-150-57-11, Telex, FAX, SSB, e-mail.
Unique Environment
Can operate literally anywhere in the world, in ice-free waters.
Carries a crew of 22 and a maximum scientific party of 36.