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University of Washington Aircraft Hangar

[Map of University of Washington Aircraft Hangar]

The University of Washington Aircraft Hangar was purchased by UW in 1985 to house the Cloud and Aerosol Research Group's (CAR) research aircraft and to provide necessary support services for the group.
Building C-78, Paine Field, Everett (Snohomish County Airport).
Judith Opacki, Cloud & Aerosol Research, Atmospheric Sciences, (206) 543-6026,
22,500 sq. ft. aircraft hangar built in 1980. Half is leased to CAR Group for housing and maintaining the University's research aircraft; remainder is rented to Allied Signal. Includes small offices for aircraft maintenance workers, scientists, flight crew.
Cloud and Aerosol Research Group has established shop facilities necessary for the maintenance and repair of its aircraft.
Hangar and aircraft are UW-owned.
Hangar: Grants and contracts and self-sustaining revenue from space rental.
Aircraft: Grants and contracts.
Recent Usage
Research: Hangar used to house and maintain the aircraft, which is used for atmospheric research. Instruction: Students associated with the CAR Group participate in research activities involving the aircraft; undergraduate students in ATS 451 (an atmospheric sciences instrumentation course) visit the hangar to learn about the aircraft's instrumentation and scientific use. Non-UW: Scientists who have placed instrumentation aboard the aircraft have been affiliated with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Ames Research Center, the Desert Research Institute of University of Nevada, and other institutions.
Usage Fee
UW leases hangar to CAR group which bills research projects an hourly rate for use of the aircraft.
Telephone and Fax (206) 745-9511 (local telephone call from the UW Seattle campus).
Road access, runways and taxi areas at Snohomish County Airport.
Peter Hobbs, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences; Judith Opacki, Administrator.