Energy Research at the University of Washington

Forest and Natural Resource Management

Sustainable resource use for this generation and the next

L. Monika Moskal

Energy Research Area: Feedstock assessment with remote sensing

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Jessica Lundquist

Energy Research Area: Environmental and climate impacts, specifically in the area of hydrology and water resources

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Joshua Lawler

Energy Research Area: Assessing the impacts of climate change on natural and human systems

Record last updated on September 20th 2013 PDT.

Mitsuhiro Kawase

Energy Research Area: Resource assessment and environmental impact assessment for tidal in-stream energy extraction in estuaries such as Puget Sound.

Record last updated on November 29th 2011 PDT.

Gregory J. Ettl

Energy Research Area: Designing alternative forest harvesting strategies to advance stand development, promote wildlife habitat, restore historic structures, sequester carbon, and understand the impacts of forest certification schemes on forest management.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Thomas M. Hinckley

Energy Research Area: Understanding the effects of climate and climate change on tree carbon exchange and growth under natural and managed systems. As growing seasons become longer, warmer and drier, how do different species acclimate to these stresses?

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Daniel T. Schwartz

Energy Research Area: Interdisciplinary Ph.D. education and research training program to work on tribal energy projects. Development of microfluidic tools needed to characterize how changes to fuel cell materials impact their ability to transport water without flooding.

Record last updated on June 29th 2016 PDT.