Energy Research at the University of Washington

Economics and Policy

What roles can and should government play

Jonathan D. Posner

Energy Research Area: Our research focuses on electrochemical energy storage technology that enables intermittent renewable energy generation such as solar and wind power.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Daniel S Kirschen

Energy Research Area: Energy Research Area: How do we balance the greed, the fear and the desire to be green (i.e., the cost, the reliability and the sustainability of electrical energy)?

Record last updated on October 16th 2013 PDT.

Eric S. Cheney

Energy Research Area: Geology and societal importance of mineral and fuel resources

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

George E. Mobus

Energy Research Area: Understanding the impacts of the global peak of oil production on other energy sources and the dynamics of the energy return on energy invested to extract it from different sources (e.g. fossil fuels, nuclear, and solar). What are the dynamics of an economic system as constraints on energy flows tighten?

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Alison Cullen

Energy Research Area: Using decision analytic models in combination with climate models and forecasts to make informed decisions about the future energy portfolio.

Record last updated on September 18th 2013 PDT.

Hendrik Wolff

Energy Research Area: Impacts of Climate Change, Evaluation of Energy Conservation Policies, Daylight Saving Time

Record last updated on September 21st 2011 PDT.

Nives Dolšak

Energy Research Area: Environmental issues related to energy use, especially policy instruments available to motivate clean energy and adoption of higher energy technologies.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Daniel T. Schwartz

Energy Research Area: Interdisciplinary Ph.D. education and research training program to work on tribal energy projects. Development of microfluidic tools needed to characterize how changes to fuel cell materials impact their ability to transport water without flooding.

Record last updated on June 29th 2016 PDT.