Energy Research at the University of Washington


Energy from the motion of the wind

Daniel S Kirschen

Energy Research Area: Energy Research Area: How do we balance the greed, the fear and the desire to be green (i.e., the cost, the reliability and the sustainability of electrical energy)?

Record last updated on October 16th 2013 PDT.

Alison Cullen

Energy Research Area: Using decision analytic models in combination with climate models and forecasts to make informed decisions about the future energy portfolio.

Record last updated on September 18th 2013 PDT.

Dorothy A. Reed

Energy Research Area: Wind engineering techniques for modeling the velocity spectra of the lower portion of the atmospheric boundary layer

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Mohamed El-Sharkawi

Energy Research Area: Integration of renewable energy into power grid; wind power plant operation and optimization; electric vehicle smart charging and storage

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.