Energy Research at the University of Washington


Energy from the motion of the sea

Jim Thomson

Energy Research Area: Field measurements of marine energy sites.

Record last updated on May 3rd 2016 PDT.

Brian Polagye

Energy Research Area: Sustainable development of marine renewable energy from currents and wave.

Record last updated on May 26th 2016 PDT.

Philip C. Malte

Energy Research Area: Marine hydrokinetics, including device development and impacts; efficient use and impacts of alternative gaseous fuels

Record last updated on January 6th 2012 PDT.

Alberto Aliseda

Energy Research Area: Energy generation from tidal currents. Hydrokinetics of submerged turbines for performance optimization and environmental impact assessment.

Record last updated on March 24th 2010 PDT.

James J. Riley

Energy Research Area: Modeling for computer simulations of turbulent combustion, tidal currents, and stable atmospheric boundary layers

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.