Energy Research at the University of Washington

Sharon L. Doty

Energy Research Area: Characterization of novel microbial strains for biofuel production, development of optimized biomass, and the use of symbiotic microorganisms for enhanced plant growth in a sustainable manner.

Associate Professor
College of the Environment
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Professor Doty's laboratory is part of the AFRI-funded Advanced Hardwood Biofuels NW project to develop biofuels from hybrid poplar trees (// This lab is characterizing a variety of microbes that live within plants (termed endophytes) that fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate, and produce plant hormones. When added to cultivated poplar and other plant species, they increase plant growth and confer drought tolerance. By using these natural symbionts instead of chemical fertilizers, they can produce more biomass for biofuels in an environmentally sustainable manner. Other bioenergy projects in the lab include the isolation and study of endophytic yeast strains that ferment both pentoses and hexoses to valuable biochemicals and biofuels.

Campus and Other Collaborators/Partners

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