Energy Research at the University of Washington

Rajendra Bordia

Energy Research Area: Multilayered ceramic systems and nanostructured ceramics and composites for next generation energy conversion and energy storage systems

College of Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

The research in the group is focused on the processing and performance of multilayered ceramic systems, nanostructured ceramics and composites and hierarchical porosity ceramics for a broad range of next generation energy conversion and storage systems. Specific projects are on coatings for next generation power plants and for hydrogen production, optimized processing of planar solid oxide fuel cells, engineered porosity ceramics for thermal energy storage and catalysts for fuel cells, thermoelectric ceramics, and nanostructured ceramic composites for next generation nuclear power reactors.

Processing of solid oxide fuel cells
Processing of solid oxide fuel cells

Research Images

In-situ growth carbon nanotubes in the pores of hierarchical porous Si-O-C amorphous ceramics for solar thermal absorbers

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