Energy Research at the University of Washington

Philip C. Malte

Energy Research Area: Marine hydrokinetics, including device development and impacts; efficient use and impacts of alternative gaseous fuels

Co-Director Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) is a partnership of Oregon State University and the University of Washington, established by the US Department of Energy in September 2008. Wave energy is the focus at OSU, while tidal energy research is performed at the UW. In particular, Prof. Malte studies in-stream tidal energy conversion, with a focus on site and device development and impacts, as well as extension of research to constructed channels. Industrial and national lab partners working with the UW are Snohomish PUD, BioSonics, Sound and Sea Technology, Verdant Power, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

In addition to hydrokinetics, Prof. Malte investigates alternate gaseous fuels, with focus on interchangeability with conventional natural gas, and examination of efficient use and impacts.

Record last updated on January 6th 2012 PDT.