Energy Research at the University of Washington

Katharine W. Huntington

Energy Research Area: Core research supports energy generation (i.e., Earth processes that influence hydrocarbon formation and geothermal energy) and impacts (i.e., paleoclimate).

Associate Professor
College of the Environment
Earth and Space Sciences

Prof. Huntington’s geology research investigates how tectonics, topography, erosion and climate interact to shape Earth’s surface and shallow crust. She combines field observations from the Himalaya, Andes, and western US with cutting-edge geochemical techniques to study sedimentary processes, the thermal history of Earth’s crust, and ancient climate. Insights from basic research into erosion, sedimentation, and the history of sub-surface temperature and fluid flow can be applied to the development of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources. Quantitative knowledge of the magnitude of past climate change informs our understanding of the potential climate impacts of human energy use.

Record last updated on March 9th 2015 PST.