Energy Research at the University of Washington

Joshua R. Smith

Energy Research Area: Inventing new technology for sensing, robotics, wireless power, and medical devices

Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering

In the Sensor Systems Laboratory we invent new sensor systems, devise innovative ways to power and communicate with them, and develop algorithms for using them. Our research has applications in the domains of bioelectronics, robotics, and ubiquitous computing. Current research projects include: near field (non-radiative) wireless power transfer, far field (radiative) wirelessly powered sensing platforms, and novel sensors for robotic manipulation. One theme that runs through our work is machine sensing techniques that are not modeled on human perception. Another theme is the use of RF signals for sensing and power transfer, rather than communication. An additional recent theme is generalizations of backscatter for novel low power communication.

Record last updated on May 24th 2016 PDT.