Energy Research at the University of Washington

Joe P. Mahoney

Energy Research Area: Application of photovoltaics to transportation infrastructure.

College of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering

The production of renewable energy is the major thrust for the 21st Century. Advances in materials and processes – combined with management practices, legal issues, and environmental concerns and permitting are needed. With the growing number of renewable energy projects worldwide, the development of and the demand for professionals involved in this field is extremely important. The UW College of Engineering (the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering), Educational Outreach, and their industry partners are developing a set of distance learning graduate courses in renewable energy to meet the educational needs of working professionals.

Joe’s current primary foci at this time are in the educational arena, most recently on three CEE courses related to energy and work via Puget Sound Energy with their Wild Horse wind project. The courses are (1) CEE 465 Energy and Transportation (new course for Spring 2014), (2) CEE 565 (online) Transportation and Climate Change, and (3) CEE 588 (online and on-campus) Energy Infrastructure and the Environment. All three classes provide broad views of energy, fuels, and related infrastructure. These courses are largely taken by CEE majors but some ME grad students as well. Since the inception of the UW/PSE partnership on the Wild Horse Wind Project three masters students and one PhD student have been involved in the effort. For more information about this project see (//

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