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James C. Hermanson

Energy Research Area: Combustion Characteristics of Bio-Derived Fuels for Aerospace, Power Generation, and other Transport Applications

Professor and Associate Chair
College of Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics

The combustion of hydrocarbon fuels is widely recognized as being a significant contributor to climate change. One approach to addressing this problem is through the use of bio-derived fuels. In addition to issues involving the growth of suitable feedstocks and the extraction/production of the biofuel, the fuel combustion characteristics of the fuel must be clearly established and well-understood prior to any successful application. Our research investigates the fundamental combustion characteristics of flames burning gaseous and liquid bio-derived fuels. Specific combustion characteristics of interest include the flammability limits, the laminar flame speed, and the flame extinction behavior.

Pulsed turbulent ethylene/air diffusion flame
Pulsed turbulent ethylene/air diffusion flame

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Pulsed turbulent ethylene/air diffusion flame Researcher submitted image

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