Energy Research at the University of Washington

Fumio S. Ohuchi

Energy Research Area: Combinatorial Materials Exploration (CME) for screening material’s functional properties, and design of the material systems for energy applications.

Adjunct Professor, Physics
College of Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering

Energy technology in the next generation relies on the manipulation and control of atoms and molecules for designing transport, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials. Prof. Ohuchi’s research group is to use and control material’s intrinsic properties to enhance and improve the material’s functionalities. Research is focused on metals, oxides and chalcogenides that are used for thermoelectric, magneto-caloric, electronic, spintronic, photovoltaic and phase-change applications. Experimentally, a “Combinatorial Materials Exploration (CME)” method is used to screen materials’ compositions and processing conditions that yield desired properties, then develop materials systems and investigate the underlying mechanisms of properties.

Combinatorial Materials Exploration (CME)
Combinatorial Materials Exploration (CME)

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