Energy Research at the University of Washington

Eric P. Salathé Jr.

Energy Research Area: Regional climate change for the Western United States. Regional climate modeling and downscaling to produce local climate information for climate impacts and decision support applications.

Affiliate Assistant Professor
Senior Research Scientist, JISAO Climate Impacts Group
College of the Environment
Atmospheric Sciences

I conduct research on regional climate change and climate impacts, with a primary focus on the US Pacific Northwest. This research focuses on downscaling global climate data, regional climate change, and the integration of climate data with impacts and decision support applications. Research methods include the analysis of global climate models and observed data, statistical downscaling methods, and regional climate modeling. Applications of this work include the interactions of climate, flood risk, land use, forest ecosystems, and air quality. This research also aims to understand the fundamental mesoscale processes that drive regional changes in climate, particularly land-surface interactions and topographic effects on snowpack, extreme precipitation, and winds.

Campus and Other Collaborators/Partners

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