Energy Research at the University of Washington

Brandi Cossairt

Energy Research Area: The Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry of Sustainable Technologies

Assistant Professor

My research program at the University of Washington targets the development of new chemistry related to reducing non-renewable energy use and mitigating carbon dioxide emissions. Our approach focuses on fully solution processable homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical systems capable of sunlight absorption, color-pure emission, charge transfer, and fuels generation with high efficiency and minimal environmental impact. The cornerstone of our research centers on the synthesis of earth-abundant and low toxicity semiconductor quantum dots with atomic precision. We seek to apply these quantum confined semiconductors in energy-efficient luminescence down-conversion display applications and as the light absorbing components of solar fuels devices to generate hydrogen and oxygen from water or to generate hydrocarbon fuels from CO2.

Record last updated on May 26th 2016 PDT.