Energy Research at the University of Washington

Alison Cullen

Energy Research Area: Using decision analytic models in combination with climate models and forecasts to make informed decisions about the future energy portfolio.

Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs

My research involves decision making under uncertainty, which naturally encompasses decisions about the energy portfolio that will be required to serve societal needs for power under future climate conditions.

Hydropower, a very important source of energy in the Northwest, depends heavily on the balance of precipitation and temperature into the future. I have explored predictions of hydropower generation under future climate scenarios. These predictions provide a starting point for power planning across the range of sources that make up our regional portfolio.

Solar power has the potential to become a critical source of power in the US, as it is in other parts of the world. I have recently become involved with an interdisciplinary NSF project (PI Hugh Hillhouse, UW Molecular Engineering and Science) on innovations in the technology used to construct solar photovoltaic cells and considering the full suite of benefits and risks/costs across society, health, environment and economy anticipated with their adoption at the terawatt scale.

Campus and Other Collaborators/Partners

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