Energy Research at the University of Washington

Three UW Grad Students are selected for the Hydro Fellowship Program from the DOE

The Energy Department, in cooperation with the Hydro Research Foundation, announced the 2012 selections for the Hydro Fellowship Program. Through their research, these 10 new Fellows will work to advance hydropower technology development and deployment in the United States.

Three of our UW graduate students (3 out of 10 nationwide) received this honor:

Adam Greenhall at the University of Washington, who will research the cost-saving benefits of using computer models to find optimal scenarios of wind, hydro, and thermal energy generation to allow for constant and least-cost energy production.

Tresha Melong at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who will research how hydropower projects can be designed to allow for the downstream passage of the American eel.

Mark Raleigh at the University of Washington, who will research how to improve the representation of snow in summer hydropower forecasting.

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