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Patel named Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow

Shwetak Patel has been named a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow for 2011. MRF Fellows are nominated by their universities and represent a selection of the best and the brightest in their fields.

From the award: "Shwetak Patel's research is at the intersection of hardware, software, and human-computer interaction. His research focuses on building easy-to-deploy and practical sensing systems for the home. His work is being applied to sustainability, elder care, home safety, and the creation of new approaches for natural user interfaces. Many of his techniques use the existing utilities infrastructure as a "sensor," thereby reducing the need for additional instrumentation. In one example, Patel has developed techniques for energy and water monitoring that provide a detailed breakdown of consumption in the home through monitoring a single point on the utility infrastructure. Through these new sensing approaches, Patel envisions the ability to instrument homes easily with smart technology for high-value applications."

Congratulations Shwetak!