Energy Research at the University of Washington


James C. Hermanson

Energy Research Area: Combustion Characteristics of Bio-Derived Fuels for Aerospace, Power Generation, and other Transport Applications

Record last updated on September 20th 2013 PDT.

Philip C. Malte

Energy Research Area: Marine hydrokinetics, including device development and impacts; efficient use and impacts of alternative gaseous fuels

Record last updated on January 6th 2012 PDT.

Charles T. Campbell

Energy Research Area: Solid catalysts for clean fuels production and pollution-free combustion for power; next generation solar cells (organic photovoltaics); surface chemistry and interfacial chemistry in catalysts and in photovoltaics.

Record last updated on February 7th 2014 PDT.

Richard Gustafson

Energy Research Area: Advanced Biofuels and Co-Products from Mixed Feedstocks

Record last updated on October 28th 2014 PDT.

Mary E. Lidstrom

Energy Research Area: Focus on metabolic engineering of pathways in bacteria for metabolizing one-carbon compounds, using synthetic biology and systems biology approaches. Three projects in the laboratory involve the generation of liquid fuels from bacteria using renewable feedstocks.

Record last updated on February 28th 2013 PDT.