Energy Research at the University of Washington


René M. Overney

Energy Research Area: Energy Research Area: Development of function materials based on cognitive molecular and nanoscale principles in the field of (i) organic electro-optics with focus on energy efficiency, (ii) hydrogen technology in regards of low cost fuel purification, (iii) polymer membrane technology as low cost alternative.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Alison Cullen

Energy Research Area: Using decision analytic models in combination with climate models and forecasts to make informed decisions about the future energy portfolio.

Record last updated on September 18th 2013 PDT.

Hendrik Wolff

Energy Research Area: Impacts of Climate Change, Evaluation of Energy Conservation Policies, Daylight Saving Time

Record last updated on September 21st 2011 PDT.

Joshua Lawler

Energy Research Area: Assessing the impacts of climate change on natural and human systems

Record last updated on September 20th 2013 PDT.