Energy Research at the University of Washington

Change modeling

Janneke Hille Ris Lambers

Energy Research Area: The Heat is On: Forecasting the Impacts of Climate Change on Pacific Northwestern Mountains

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Cecilia M. Bitz

Energy Research Area: The role of ice in the climate system and high-latitude climate and climate change, including the future greenhouse warming climate and climates of the past. Coupled biological-climate systems, climate modeling, and prediction.

Record last updated on May 26th 2016 PDT.

Eric P. Salathé Jr.

Energy Research Area: Regional climate change for the Western United States. Regional climate modeling and downscaling to produce local climate information for climate impacts and decision support applications.

Record last updated on August 19th 2016 PDT.

LuAnne Thompson

Energy Research Area: The ocean's role in climate variability and change.

Record last updated on November 29th 2011 PDT.