Energy Research at the University of Washington


L. Monika Moskal

Energy Research Area: Feedstock assessment with remote sensing

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Rose Ann Cattolico

Energy Research Area: Biochemical, molecular and ecological analysis of phototosynthetic algae. Emphasis on chloroplast evolution, photosynthetic processes, and harmful algal bloom formation, population diversity, lipid biogenesis and biofuel production.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Catherine Karr

Energy Research Area: Epidemiologic-public health

Record last updated on September 21st 2012 PDT.

Renata Bura

Energy Research Area: Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass and bioconversion natural products of into biofuels(bioethanol and biodiesel) and biochemicals (sugar alcohols, glycols).

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Caroline (Carrie) Harwood

Energy Research Area: Bacteria for bioenergy: hydrogen gas production.

Record last updated on November 28th 2011 PDT.

Richard Gustafson

Energy Research Area: Advanced Biofuels and Co-Products from Mixed Feedstocks

Record last updated on October 28th 2014 PDT.

Sharon L. Doty

Energy Research Area: Characterization of novel microbial strains for biofuel production, development of optimized biomass, and the use of symbiotic microorganisms for enhanced plant growth in a sustainable manner.

Record last updated on May 25th 2016 PDT.

Daniel T. Schwartz

Energy Research Area: Interdisciplinary Ph.D. education and research training program to work on tribal energy projects. Development of microfluidic tools needed to characterize how changes to fuel cell materials impact their ability to transport water without flooding.

Record last updated on June 29th 2016 PDT.