Office of Research

Outgoing Subcontracts and Internal Audit

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Friday, May 11, 2012

12-1pm at Gerberding 142

This presentation will discuss when to use a subcontract in your research and then walk through the lifecycle of a subcontract at UW - utilizing Purchasing, subcontract documents, invoicing and payments. Case studies will demonstrate some problems that can be mitigated by having good monitoring controls as part of your internal processes. The Internal Audit portion of this session will review the types of auditors and types of audits, what to do when the auditor calls, and tips for PIs for performing basic control activities.

Presented by:

  • Brandon Alpert
    Assistant Director of Subcontracts, Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Zenaida Shattuck
    Associate Director, Internal Audit

    Zenaida Shattuck is one of the associate directors at the Internal Audit Department. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree, major in Accounting, in 1982, and is currently a Certified Public Accountant. Ms. Shattuck has been with Internal Audit since 1986 and has been involved with research compliance audits for 20 years. Her previous engagements include audits of University and department grants management controls, Institutional Review Boards/Human Subjects Division, conflicts of interest, indirect cost calculation and recharge centers. Her duties include overseeing the UW Medicine audits, external audit liaison, consulting, and training. Ms. Shattuck is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors.