Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does your webpage allow researchers to track training completions and to set reminders for upcoming training renewals?
Not at this time. The University is currently assessing the need for a centralized "learning management system" (LMS) that would allow a single method for all employees to track training completions and provide automatic reminders and updates, but such a system is currently unavailable. The objective of the "Required Trainings" web page is currently limited to assisting UW personnel in identifying mandatory training requirements.
Do researchers who receive funds administered by the University of Washington but who are solely conducting the research at a different institution have to take the trainings published on this webpage?
That will depend on where the research activities occur. The trainings published on our webpage reflect trainings that must occur when research activities occur at the University of Washington. For example, a researcher receiving funds administered by UW but who is doing all research activities at CHRMC is subject to CHRMC research training requirements.
How often is training content on this page updated?
The content will be routinely reviewed and updated every six months. The current review date will be published in the webpage footer.