Shipping Hazardous Materials

Outlines shipping related information on packaging and labeling, terminology, and preparation of documentation.

Who is required to take this training?

All Shippers and transporters of hazardous materials and/or infectious substances.

Summary of the requirement

Federal regulations require that all persons who mark, label, package, document or classify hazardous materials for shipment be trained and certified by their employer. They need to complete initial training followed by recurrent training every 2 years. The principle training topics are: Hazard class identification, Use of the DOT and IATA tables of Hazardous Materials to select proper shipping names, Proper marking and labeling of hazardous materials containers, Selection of proper packaging, and Selection and completion of the appropriate shipping documentation.

Related Policies and Regulations

Register for …


  • General safety training for the material to be shipped.


  • 4 hours

Refresher required?

Yes, every 2 years.

Course information last updated on Feb 4, 2013.