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  1. Marc Lindenberg Center

    Director: Anderson, C. Leigh

    The Marc Lindenberg Center for Humanitarian Action, International Development and Global Citizenship was established in 2002 to better prepare students, faculty, and staff at the University of Washington for life and work in a global society. Through teaching and research, the Lindenberg Center seeks multidisciplinary…

  2. Markey Genetic Medicine Center

    Director: Stamatoyannopoulos, George

    The Markey Genetic Medicine Center builds on existing strengths in medical genetics and molecular biology at the University of Washington and at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to develop a program which applies basic biological approaches to problems of human genetic disease. This program is a natural…

  3. Mass Spectrometry Center

    Director: Goodlett, David R.

    The Mass Spectrometry Center in the School of Pharmacy is a self-sustaining instrument laboratory providing a wide variety of mass spectral services to the university and the research community-at-large on a recharge basis. The Center serves as a resource offering analytical and instructional expertise in contemporary…

  4. Middle East Center

    Middle East Center.jpg

    Director: Schuyler, Phillip,

    Middle East Center seeks to strengthen an understanding of the Middle East in all sectors of American society through training and research at the University of Washington, as well as through delivery of outreach programming across…

  5. Mitochondria and Metabolism Center

    Director: Tian, Rong

    Mitochondria and metabolism are closely related disciplines vital to human biology, physiology and diseases. Today, mitochondria and metabolism studies continue to fascinate us with the observations that alterations of mitochondrial…

  6. Molecular Imaging Center

    Director: Eary, Janet

    The Molecular Imaging Group is a multidisciplinary group of investigators from about 20 UW departments. They collaborate and interact at all levels in conduct of studies in biomolecular imaging. The Molecular Imaging Seminar is a…

  7. MRSEC: Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering Center

    Director: Sarikaya, Mehmet

    level. The GEMSEC, established with a $7.7M grant from National Science Foundation including the matching funds from the UW, covers 6 years. Faculty from five departments are involved in the GEMSEC. The center focuses on research to adapt and develop…

  8. Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center (MCRC): Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (CECORC)

    Director: Deyo, Richard A

    The mission of the Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (CECORC) is to discover the most cost-effective, evidence-based approaches to improving the health of patients and populations, and to identify ways to…

  9. Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) and Air Pollution

    Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) and Air Pollution.jpg

    Director: Kaufman, Joel

    The mission of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) and Air Pollution is to understand the relationship between air pollution exposures (especially fine particulate matter and traffic-related air pollutants) and progression…

  10. Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MS RRTC)

    Director: Kraft, George

    The Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MSRRTC) conducts programs of research and training that provide new knowledge, and improve rehabilitation methods and services for people with Multiple Sclerosis…