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  1. Cleary Community for 21st Century Youth Literacy

    Cleary Community for 21st Century Youth Literacy.jpg

    Director: Dresang, Eliza

    The Cleary Community for 21st Century Youth is a virtual gathering of individuals interested in research and practice related to 21st century youth literacy.

  2. Climate Impacts Group

    Climate Impacts Group.jpg

    Directors: Snover, Amy Mantua, Nathan

    The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and global climate change ("global warming"). Research at the CIG considers climate…

  3. Clowes Center for Conflict and Dialogue Studies

    The Clowes Center for Conflict and Dialogue Studies.jpg

    Director: Garcia, Maria Elena

    The Clowes Center was created in 2006 in order to provide a forum for students, faculty and members of local and global communities interested in developing projects, programs, and events that explore specific efforts to create and…

  4. Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center

    Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center.jpg

    Director: Kronmal, Richard

    The Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center is dedicated to the design, operations, data management, and statistical support of multi-site epidemiologic studies for the prevention and treatment of health conditions and disease.…

  5. Columbia Basin Research

    Columbia Basin Research.jpg

    Directors: Anderson, James Skalski, John

    Columbia Basin Research (CBR) is an interdisciplinary research center under the joint leadership of James Anderson, Research Professor, and John Skalski, Professor of Biological Statistics. They provide quantitative approaches to…

  6. Community Vitality Project

    Director: Kleit, Rachel

    The Community Vitality Project is a multi-year project funded by the Northwest Area Foundation to conduct research and make available data on policy levers to reduce poverty for individuals and communities.

  7. Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center

    Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center.jpg

    Director: Jarvik, Jeffery

    The mission of the Comparative Effectiveness, Cost and Outcomes Research Center (CECORC) is to discover the most cost-effective, evidence-based approaches to improving the health of patients and populations, and to identify ways to…

  8. Comparative Law and Societies Studies Center (CLASS)

    Director: Cichowski, Rachel

    The Comparative Law and Society Studies Center is committed to promoting interdisciplinary research and teaching as well as community service regarding law, justice, and human rights throughout the world. At its core, CLASS is a community…

  9. Consortium on Collaboration

    Director: Thomas, Craig

    The Consortium on Collaborative Governance (CCG) studies how public problems are being solved by sectors working together. It is a partnership among three universities: University of Arizona School of Government and Public Policy…

  10. Cystic Fibrosis Center (Children's Hospital)

    Directors: Gibson, Ronald Ramsey, Bonnie

    The University of Washington/Seattle Children's Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Center is active in both patient care and research. Our mission is to improve the care of children with cystic fibrosis, to establish better treatments, and…