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  1. Barer Institute for Law and Global Human Services

    Barer Institute for Law and Global Human Services.jpg

    Director: Singh, Manisha

    The Barer Institute for Law and Global Human Services was created by a gift from UW Regent and law school campaign chair Stan Barer '63 and his wife, Alta. The Institute, which will involve an interdisciplinary effort based in the…

  2. Barnard Center for Infant Mental Health and Development

    Directors: Kelly, Jean Spieker, Sue

    The mission of the Center for Infant Mental Health and Development is to promote interdisciplinary research and training related to the social and emotional aspects of development for young children during their formative years.

  3. Benefit Cost Analysis Center

    Director: Zerbe, Richard

    The core aim of the Benefit-Cost Analysis Center is to improve the understanding and use of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) as a decision-making tool. Our research and outreach is geared toward: •Improving and standardizing benefit-cost…

  4. Benefit Cost Society

    Director: Zerbe, Richard

    The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis is an international organization dedicated to the advancement, exchange of ideas, and research related to benefit-cost analysis (BCA), cost-effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, applied…

  5. Bill Holm Center

    Bill Holm Center.jpg

    Director: Wright, Robin

    The mission of the Bill Holm Center is to establish a globally accessible learning center at the Burke Museum, promote scholarly research on northwest coast native art, increase native and public access to research resources, and…

  6. Bioanalytical Pharmacy Core

    Director: William Atkins

    The Bioanalytical Pharmacy Core ("the Core") serves the general research community at UW, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and regional biotechnology companies on a cost-per-use basis. This resource, which is administered…

  7. Biology of Aging

    Biology of Aging.jpg

    Director: Rabinovitch, Peter

    The Biology of Aging is home of the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging and the Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant. The University of Washington is a major center for research in Gerontology, and…

  8. Biomolecular Imaging Center

    Director: Yuan, Chun

    The Bio-Molecular Imaging Center (BMIC) develops novel imaging techniques for anatomic, functional, molecular, and tissue applications, and facilitates research for medical institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest. BMIC aims…

  9. Biomolecular Structure Center

    Director: Hol, Wim G J

  10. Bracken Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center

    Director: Hammer, Dana

    The Bracken Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center is named for L.D. Bracken and Jim L. Bracken, longtime leaders of the pharmacy profession in Washington. The Center provides an optimal environment for students and practitioners to…