Office of Research

Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies


The Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies seeks to educate outstanding leaders for the real estate industry of tomorrow using fundamentals of the behavioral relations between space providers, space users and supplies of capital to inform classroom learning while translating best practices research into improving the quality of built environments.

Core Services Offered

The Runstad Center is the focal point for real estate research activities, providing a focused research agenda, marshalling the resources to carry out individual research projects, and disseminating results. We take on a variety of research projects, with a focus on major issues, challenges and opportunities the industry faces. We use operating capital to augment funded research to support objective research that approaches issues from an academically rigorous, unbiased perspective.

Center Details

Director: Orser, Peter
Location: 424 Gould Hall
Year Started: 2001
Administrator / Program Manager: Best, Melissa
Administering College/School: College of Built Environments 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Urban Design and Planning 
Faculty Involvement: 5