Office of Research

Institute for Hazards Mitigation Planning and Research


The Institute for Hazard Mitigation Planning and Research is dedicated to exploring ways to integrate hazards mitigation principles into a wide range of crisis, disaster, and risk management opportunities. Its mission is to build a resource center that will enhance risk reduction activities through research and analysis of hazards, policies related to mitigation and through outreach to the community. The Institute provides expertise in disaster preparedness, response and recovery with a special emphasis on mitigation and planning in the promotion of community sustainability.

Core Services Offered

Offer core curricula in hazards mitigation for private, public, and non-governmental organizations as a track within an environmental planning specialization.

Provide opportunities for students from various disciplines to incorporate mitigation principles into their major areas of study.

Provide students with service internships opportunities with private, public, and non-governmental organizations.

Create learning opportunities for practitioners who have been assigned Emergency and Risk Mitigation responsibilities.

Develop interdisciplinary research activities to provide service and research resources to private, public, and non-governmental organizations.

Facilitate exchanges of knowledge and practice, both nationally and internationally.
Serve as a Washington State connection for other academic disaster research and education centers, institutes, and experts.

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Center Details

Director: Freitag, Robert
Location: 12 Gould Hall
Year Started: 1999
Administrator / Program Manager: Brooks, Jan
Administering College/School: College of Built Environments 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Urban Design and Planning