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International Security Colloquium (UWISC)


The University of Washington International Security Colloquium (UWISC) provides forum for the interdisciplinary study of issues of international security, broadly defined. Focus on graduate education and professionalization.

Core Services Offered

Annual colloquium series: six speakers from out of state/country, three student/faculty speakers, nine student discussants, and six dinner receptions for students and visiting speakers.

Funding Information:

Department of Political Science (2001- )
Center for Global Studies Title VI Grant (2001- )
Deans Office
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (2001-2002)
REECAS (2003-2004)
IGRSS, UW (Pacific Northwest National Lab) (2003-2005)
Institute for Transnational Studies (2004-2005)
Jackson Foundation (2004-2008)
Department of Scandinavian Studies (2006-2007)
INSER, (2006- )
The Marc Lindenberg Center
Evans School (2007-2008)
Richard B. Wesley Endowment in International Relations (2010-)

Reporting Structure:

Peter J. May, Chair, Political Science

Related UW Entities:

Jackson School of International Studies
Information School

Center Details

Directors: Kier, Elizabeth
Mercer, Jon
Location: Gowen Hall
Year Started: 2001
Administrator / Program Manager: Buscherfeld, Anne
Administering College/School: College of Arts & Sciences 
P.I. Home Department: Political Science 
Faculty Involvement: 6